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The Curb Appeal of Window Boxes

With beautiful weather upon us and the housing market hot, flowers have the power of ‘curb appeal’! Outdoor flowers are a plus in any common area, but window boxes make a statement. Eye-level window boxes bring a charm and a delight to both owners/viewers. 

The holiday weekend is a great opportunity to do some planting! Here are some simple, beautiful ideas for window boxes:

1.   Pansies are easy maintenance flowers with a tolerance that can last most seasons. Easy to plant and bringing a wide range of colors that brighten any area, no matter the exterior color. When pansies need water, you can typically tell by the way they look (almost wilting).  They mix well with other flowers such as violas, coleus and alyssum, add a vinca vine for an elongated look. 

2.   Geraniums are another good choice - they are a low maintenance plant with a multitude of vibrant color choices and a pleasant scent. When planting geraniums, plant just under where the stem meets the root. Make sure the window box has good drainage to avoid root rot. These plants will need little to no water - some deadheading is helpful - May showers may be enough!

3.   Petunias are the plant of choice for summer.  Something so simple to take care of, yet so beautiful. Water twice a week, petunias will cascade over your window box and have a vine effect. They will catch any viewers' eye and add to the aesthetics of any space.

4.  For a different effect try vegetables.  A ‘fresh produce’ window box  is a great idea for condos/apartments or any dwelling lacking land space. Cherry tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce are all plants that benefit in a window box. What better than fresh produce straight from your window? These plants take water two/three times a week and grow great organically.

Happy planting!!


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